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Puerto Rico embraces all visitors with its 300 mile long beaches in the Caribbean, tropical rain forest, more million year old vaces and a dry forest full of cacti. As one of the oldest and most diversified cultures in the world, Puerto Rico is a vibrant, modern, bilingual, multicultural society influenced by Spanish, African, Indian and U.S. influences.

The second thing that makes Puerto Rico different from other Caribbean Islands is that it remains undeveloped, except for the coastal region around its capital city, San Juan.

There are at least 11 attractions tha no one should miss when visiting Puerto Rico.

Here is the list of these Puerto Rico attractions:
1. The Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, is Old San Juan's most recognizable landmark. It has protected San Juan and the shipping route from the New World to the Old for over 400 years,

2. The Vieques Biobay: Go to this bay on a moonless night when there is little light and kayak through mangrove tres out into Mosquito Bay on Vieques Island, you might wonder what all the fuss is about then you'll notice that your oars are glowing green in the water. Fish streak away from you like underwater lightning...

3. Camuy River Cave Park system is the third largest system in the world. Taking a tour through the caves takes you to subterranean ravines to the edge of caves over 600 feet deep and to an underground river. You can take an eco-excursion out there including rappeling down the mouth of one of the caves, mud-sliding, body rafting, and free jumping through this subterranean world

4. Arecibo Radio Telescope & Observatory is a radio telescope located close to the city of Arecibo in Puerto Rico. The Arecibo telescope is distinguished by its enormous size: the main collecting dish is 305 m in diameter. The Angel Ramos Foundation Visitor Center which was opened in 1997 features interactive exhibits and displays about the operations of the radio telescope, astronomy, and atmospheric science.

5. El Yunque: El Yunque is home to the tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest System. It is only a two-hour drive from San Juan. It has a mountainous terrain. People come here to walk among the rainforest's flora, to hike along one of several trails ranging from easy walks to difficult climb, and to dive under a waterfall

6. Casa Bacardi Rum Distillery: Visitors to the Puerto Rican home of The BACARDI rum can enjoy an interactive tour through history, observe the production process and experience the party spirit of BACARDI brand.

7. Hacienda Buena Vista is a farm where you can experience a journey into the past. It is a "working" coffee plantation recapturing rural life in 19th century Puerto Rico.The impressive machines are once again in motion. Farm animals roam the grounds and the fully furnished rooms seem ready for their occupants to return at any moment. The scent of freshly roasted, freshly brewed coffee fills the air.

8. On Gilligan’s Island you can be ruler for a day and rule over white sand beaches, mazes of mangroves, and crystalline waters. Sometimes it is nice to get away from civilization and enjoy a little bit of island paradise.Most of the activities on the island take place in one of the many mangrove cays that can be found on the island. Here the water is clear and the sand is white. There is also a cool current which runs through the mangrove canals, so you can cool off quite easily by just taking a swim

9. Luquillo Beach is one of Puerto Rico's most visited tourist attractions. The view from the beach is spectacular. It features a long gold crescent of sand lined by innumerable coconut palms with the mountains of the rainforest in the distance. Luquillo Beach's offshore reefs keep the waters calm and tranquil so that families can enjoy the water knowing that the lifeguards are on duty and that rough waters are far away

10. Toro negro Forest is virtually uninhabited tropical jungle with highmountains that you can look down on the clouds. From these heights you can see clouds drift between the peaks and you’re surrounded by wild bamboo, banana trees, hibiscus, enormous ferns, impatiens, elephant ears, flamboyan trees, and seemingly millions of sierra palms, distinguished by their long straight trunks and pale green foliage towering 30–50 feet high

11. Culebra Island, is a tiny island just off Puerto Rico's eastern coast. Culebrita is an isolated place with unspoiled beauty and beaches

Before you become a visitor in Puerto Rico make sure you have a proper Puerto Rico vacation rentals. There are a number of villas in Puerto Rico that offer a unique taste of Puerto Rico.




Worldwide vacation rentals / Puerto Rico vacation rentals - Puerto Rico villas

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