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Valletta accommodation Hotel British

One of Malta's oldest family hotels located in the capital City of Valletta

Capacity: 80 pax

Rates: 35-60 Euros per day

Valletta attractions

Malta is an independent island nation in the Mediterranean. The country covers an area of about 316 square kilometers. It consists of the following regions: Malta, Gozo, Comino and some uninhabited islands as well. The island state is a popular destination in Europe and famous for its numerous temples, prehistoric archaeological sites, caves and numerous festivals, which are held in honor of the patron saint of Malta.

The capital of Malta is Valletta with about 10000 inhabitants, also the smallest EU capital. It is located in the north and is surrounded by a ring of bastions, which served the city for defense. A visit to the city is an absolute must. The old fortress tower over the city was built by the Knights of St John who planned the city as a refuge to care for injured soldiers and pilgrims during the Crusades in the 16th century. Tourists can have a kilometer long city walk completely as it is just one kilometer long and 500 feet wide. But these numbers do not diminish the attractiveness of Valletta. On the contrary travelers can fully explore Valletta on foot and not get lost. Cars must remain largely outside.

Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage and is popular for its historic cafés, restaurants, banks, hotels and government buildings.

Mostly Valletta is separated by the Grand Harbour and the Marsamxett Harbour from its neighboring cities. Through the gate of the city which was built in the 1960s, you step inside the venerable knight city. The backbone of Valletta, Republic Street stretches from here right down to the tip of the peninsula. Valletta's most important places lie here, like the Grand Master's Palace and along with the St. John's Co-Cathedral, elegant shops and some of the few outdoor cafes in the city. Side streets lead down to the two ports. Each visit Valletta is incomplete without a glimpse of the walls and bastions at the two ports - and without a harbor tour.

Valletta's story takes place not only in museums, but also in the St. John's Co-Cathedral. Even someone who is not a fan of churches should not miss this house of God. It is a work of art that one would suspect outside Rome.

Only a few meters from the cathedral lies Villa Casa Rocca Piccola. The ninth Marquis de Piro lives here whose family owns the house for generations. The 400 year old building is situated in Republic Street and it is a treasure chest of the city. Because the Marquis does not need all 50 rooms, tourists can visit many of them.

Also in Republic Street the Archaeological Museum exhibits the oldest findings. The Museum displays an exceptional array of artefacts from Malta’s unique prehistoric periods, starting with the first arrival of man in the Ghar Dalam phase (5200 BC) and running up to the Tarxien phase (2500 BC).

Malta and its capital, Valletta is authentic. The Maltese have their culture with and without tourists. The small country is young and has recently become a member of the European Union. This makes traveling simple: no passport, no money exchanged, just fly away within Europe. This applies to the country all year round: there is no hibernation at winter time.

This applies to Valletta accommodation as well. All the hotels and private accommodation have European standards and affordable prices.

Malta is an island that offers something for everyone, whether young or old, be it sports on the numerous golf courses, beach holiday on the beach or hiking on the trail of the past. A package holiday to Malta is worthwhile in any case.