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Zmukic apartments in Perast

Perast apartment, studio and rooms - Stone House in Perast with Apartments and Rooms capacity 11 people. Beautiful sea view.

Description of the villa

Apartments and rooms in the most beautiful part of the Montenegrin coast. At Perast you will sense the soul of this old seaside town and in the Zmukic family home you will enjoy the amazing view of the Verige straights and the islands of Our Lady of Skrpjel and St. Djordje. Our guests may make use of the 200 m2 terrace covered with grape vines in front of the house. The house has its own water tank and is not affected by any possible restrictions in the town. All rooms look out over the sea which is only a dozen metres away. We offer three-bed apartment, studio for two, room with private bathroom and two rooms with one bathroom.

Distance from city center: 300m
Detailed description of villa
Rooms Appliances in the kitchen and in the house Garden and outdoor facilities

Number of units within the accommodation: 1 apartment, 1 studio, 3 double rooms.

Number of bathrooms with shower : 3

Number of bathrooms with bathtub:1

Number of bathrooms with shower and WC:3

Number of bathrooms with bathtub and WC:1

Number of separate WC:3

Number of kitchens:2

Number of kitchenettes:1

Number of bedrooms: 5

frige, gas and electric stove, oven,

air-conditioning, TV, internet connection...

Number of terraces:3

Number of balconies:1

Garden furniture, equipment etc): external shower, tables and chairs, barbecue, chairs...

Parking next to the property

per night per property

Season I:07.01. - 09.01.
Rate I:55EUR apartment

Season I:07.01. - 09.01.
Rate I:50EUR studio

Season I:07.01. - 09.01.
Rate I:35EUR room with bathroom

Season I:07.01. - 09.01.
Rate I:25EUR rooms with one bathroom

Price information:

For a successful reservation is necessary to pay 20% advance on our foreign currency account.


Surroundings and activities

The town acquired its present urban plan and architectural appearance during the prosperous years of the 17th and 18th centuries. Although damaged by a long period of economic stagnation, the construction of a coastal road and various incursions on old towers and palaces, Perast today represents one of the most beautiful examples of baroque architecture on the Adriatic coast. Two primary factors have influenced the urban character of the place: a historic need for strong defenses and the blending of monumental and minor stone structures with sacral buildings of outstanding beauty. Under Venice (1482-1684), no continuous defensive barrier was erected around this exposed and fragile settlement on the border of the Ottoman Empire. In 1570, only the fortress, St. Cross, rose above the town. However, within the town a chain of ten watchtowers, called "cardaci", presented a well-devised system of checkpoints to protect against attacks. These characteristic towers contributed to the unique appearance of Perast. In front of Perast is located church on island, Our Lady of the Rock also possesses a museum with rich collection of stone monuments. Of special interest are the following: a relief worked in Carara marble depicting the scene of Annunciation by Venetian sculptor Giovanni Bonaca: votive paintings of ships; and a famous embroidered icon of the Virgin, a votive gift from 1828, of Jacinta Kunic from Perast who sewed her own hair on the heads of the Virgin and child. Also valuable is a small collection of tools and weapons, reminding us of a past when the sanctuary had to be defended. Despite the dramatic circumstances of constant conflict between the Ottoman Empire and Venice, which were particularly fierce in this area, the town continued to develop culturally and architecturally. The construction of luxurious palaces, chapels and churches, the importation of works of art and the ongoing literary activity give evidence of an intense industry out of proportion to the size of the town and the number of its inhabitants.


Walk trails in the hill. Visit museums, churches and bell tower (55m). Climbing to the fortress. Fishing. Drive with boats to sightseeing panorama and visit islands. 1.May MAD - In this celebration, a young elm tree is selected as a symbol of spring and hope for the future. Custom requires that the most recently married man in the town must cut the elm tree and bring it to the main square in front of the St. Nicholas church. The young people of Perast then decorate the tree with bottles of milk and wine, cookies and colorful ribbons. The groom lifts the tree, accompanied by the music of tamburitza, and leads a procession all around the town. Afterwards all go to a coffee bar for coffee with milk and cookies. 15 May - This feast day commemorates a famous victory over the Turks on May 15, 1654. In memory of the victory, a custom of "shooting of a cock" has developed - the cock symbolizing the enemy. An air rifle is used for the shooting. The marksman who hits the cock is awarded a "sugaman" (towel) on which the dates of the shooting and the battle are embroidered. The winner is required to treat the whole town to a barrel of wine. Fasinada - This is a custom called "Fasinada" which is unique to the town of Perast as well as to the whole Mediterranean coast. On the 22nd of July , the inhabitants of Perast commemorate the year 1452 when an icon of the Virgin was found on a small crag in the sea and the construction of the island of Our Lady of the Rock began. On this day every year, people bring stones in their boats and drop them into the sea around the island. The custom has both symbolic and practical meaning. Adding rocks reinforces the island which is constantly washed and eroded by the sea. The simplicity of the occasion, striped of all elements of folklore, evokes the memory of the centuries-long efforts that were needed to build, from a small crag (skrpjel), this little island with its lovely church. International Festival of Klape (traditional bands) -The festival is held annually on the second weekend of August. The participants are klape (traditional bands) form the Mediterranean countries, who sing "a kapela". This is the only festival of klape in Montenegro.

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Krsto Zmukic

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Montenegro ; Perast .

Address of the property: 165
Tel. +382 32 37 37 33
Mobile +382 69 487 863


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Perast apartment, studio and rooms - Stone House in Perast with Apartments and Rooms capacity 11 people. Beautiful sea view.