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Assisi, Italy, Assisi hotels, Assisi apartments in Assisi. Rent a room in Assisi hotels, Assisi apartments by owner in Assisi, Italy.
Rent a room in a hotel in Assisi, Italy
La Giada B&B - Holidays Home in Assisi, Italy
Assisi, Italy, Assisi hotels, Assisi apartments in Assisi. Rent a room in Assisi hotels, Assisi apartments by owner in Assisi, Italy.

Holiday apartment in the green of Assisi for 4-5 people with Formula B&B from EUR 18 to 25 per person/day or Holidays Home from EUR 300 to 450 apartment/ week.

Capacity: 5 people
Rate: 18 day/person or 40 day/propety
Assisi Italy attractions

Assisi is one of Italy's biggest tourist attractions; a simple and peaceful town with a rich religious heritage. The town lies in green Umbria, on the slopes of Monte Subasio.

Everywhere you look in Assisi, you'll find churches, mostly built in the pretty pink stone which defines the town's appearance containing a few Franciscan relics.

The grandest of these is the Basilica di San Francesco the important church built to honour Assisi's saint, who lies in the crypt.

Assisi's other attractive churches are plenty; among the finest are the Basilica di Santa Chiara ; the seventeenth-century Chiesa Nuova, a small church built over St. Francis's presumed birthplace; and San Pietro, which has an interesting underground museum with varoius exhibits and some Roman remains.

As well as archeological finds from the area, the museum gives access to a long tunnel running right under the modern piazza. Here you can take a stroll on the original surface of the town's Roman Forum, and see the base of the Temple of Minerva which still dominates the heart of the town.

The town's attractive main street is the Via San Francesco, which runs from the Basilica up to Piazza del Comune. There are a lot of interesting buildings along the way such are the frescoed Oratorio dei Pellegrini), and the town's art gallery, the Pinacoteca Comunale.

For the best view over the town, follow signs to the Rocca Maggiore, the large fortress towering above Assisi. As well as the town itself, there are spectacular views over the plains, hills and valleys.


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